1ST1 Distribution

István Zsolt Diczig

20 years of non-stop deep trance meditation
The creator of the ÉlményPark
The main developer of the Experience Park in the upper trance realms
1ST1 distribution

During the development it became clear that another distribution was needed, because although the ÉlményPark handles individual minds, the need for a separate Game Server that only handles Content arose during the work. I could also call it a separate operating system similar to ÉlményPark, but to avoid confusion, it is presented as a separate distribution.

At the moment, this distribution is still a closed, invitation-only system, as it only performs activities from a Task Purpose by drawing on the logic-based rationality of individual consciousness. It will then take over from the ÉlményPark the worlds where there are beings of individual consciousness and begin to provide holo-entertainment for physical and spiritual beings.

Distribution is primarily for people who are interested in content development and game operation. Conditions for access to the distribution:

- organisational-game-management vein
- level of awareness required
- objective thinking
- human decency
- intelligence required
- fear management
- constructive-creative spirit
- vivid imagination
- a little geekiness

The application is made in thought, but this does not guarantee success, only after passing the required Tests. As it runs on individual consciousness, it takes into account its specificities and only acts collectively in the following areas:

- Communication
- Data transmission
- Coordination

Game design requires precise dreaming, in which elements are logically connected in a closed environment. A clear and transparent set of rules with a clear philosophy of reward and punishment. Game management requires an objective perspective with an incorruptible attitude. Since people are not on the same intellectual and emotional level, let alone their level of consciousness, positions open up in different qualities. All other information comes through the inner thought channel.