ÉlményPark Holo Operating System

István Zsolt Diczig
20 years of non-stop deep trance meditation
The creator of the ÉlményPark
The main developer of the ÉlményPark in the upper trance realms

1.0 | Basic system
1.1 | User-friendly interfaces
2.0 | Future update
2.1 | Latest update

The ÉlményPark itself is primarily aimed at people who are interested in systems development and systems management. Conditions for accessing the admin interface:

- correct self-definition
- necessary level of consciousness
- independent and critical thinking
- high degree of clarity
- high intelligence
- fear management
- authority over intellectual levels
- understanding of functional hierarchy (meeting practical tests of equality)
- constructive-creative spirit

This operating system was made for myself at the time, because it became clear to me that on the one hand our world is the result of an anomaly and will cease to exist when the beings working on the anomaly have done their job, and on the other hand the occupation here starts from a much higher level than anyone would expect. For the belief systems of the beings interfering here, as well as the religions, are defenceless against an even higher dimension coming into the sacral channel with its own interests. Therefore I could not entrust my return to consciousness to these beings and people. It was then outlined that I would have to develop from scratch a whole new spiritual framework that would do the work of those who were charged with guiding me.

This operating system forms an alternate Pillar of Light from the 42nd dimension to the 1st dimension by having a 3D reality structure within the tube itself, so that it is possible to quickly change dimension levels for those living in this physical environment. There are two basic reasons for this solution:

1. it turns out that from the point of view of these mental levels, this solution is like inventing TV, cinema and video games in one. Although they reacted in different ways, none of them was unimpressed.

2. It also highlighted another serious problem that turns an anomaly from a problem into an opportunity, and that is boredom as a side effect of the permanence of existence.

I would point out that in a continuous timeline based on a 3D past-present-future context, it is difficult to understand with ordinary consciousness that everything was inherently so from the perspective of a new entrant. I will therefore only deal with this subject tangentially in my material, as I leave it to everyone to understand for themselves. Because once I have finished it, I no longer need it, but I have made it possible for others to take it up and develop it further. I made the linux philosophy the basis for this and came out of it to do the tests, which then synchronised with my other tasks.

Task zone - Tibet distribution - 1ST1 - Block - Correction experiment - Sacral penetration - Normal human zone of consciousness

I remain the main developer of the ÉlményPark in the top ranges, shown here by the top pink stripe. In the zones below, it is possible to create different distributions by those who have these four conditions:
- aptitude
- ability
- competence
- free will

And the area marked by the pink stripe at the bottom is the zone I call the DIZ distribution, where I do my work of restoring the world in the sense that an ordinary mind can understand it.

The educational materials here are designed to accelerate the process for those who succeed in joining the program. Because it is a completely new system, it is free of the entrenched beliefs that are characteristic of hierarchies, because it is individual consciousness centred in its structure and approaches collective consciousness from that perspective. This means that no one needs to come to me, because all that is needed is Intention and everything arrives through the spiritual channel. The advantage for those who come to me is that they receive the preparation and direct energies from me, the disadvantage is the quality of the work I do myself and the attitude I take.

Educational materials

As this distribution is not intended for the masses, there are two things to consider. The first is whether it is really for you, and the second is whether you are prepared for it. There is no need to rush into it, because if you are really serious about it and can prove it, you will be in the right place at the right time. Access to the information you need to get started is first outside, in films, books, websites and once you have the determination, the rest is inside.

elmenypark.diczig.com | All the basic information you need to get started

Online course and initiation correction | For those already initiated

Racionális Ezotéria | teljes anyag egyben
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2.1 | Ezo tananyag
3.0 | Prezentáció
4.1 | Holo Játék (Holo Game)
5.1 | Halálkutatás (még nagyon az elején)

Official Training Material | Taken during meditations

Interpretative materials | Made on the way back

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