Tibet Distribution | Pleyade Alternative

A group of Tibetan Lamas who are in a constructive-creative spirit in collaboration with like-minded Pleiadian light beings. The Dalai Lama is basically neutral, with a touch of disapproval.

This distribution does not have a version number, because it does not relate to Time in the same way as those on a continuous timeline.

The distribution is recommended primarily for those who already have a Pleiad initiation but feel that the individual path is the right one for them. Switching between the distributions of the ÉlményPark can be done at any time, i.e. if you find out on the go that it's right for you, or vice versa, no one will put obstacles in your way beyond the necessary trials. The conditions for accessing a distribution:

- constructive-creative spirit
- independent thinking
- friendly personality
- willingness to help
- acceptance of positives and negatives
- standing up for justice

Entry into distribution starts with registration. What makes it unique is that the holoradiator technology can also work on the intuitive side of the brain. You look at a picture and many of the functions that allow the light beings to work on you/with you are activated, so that you can see the benefits in your daily life. Since you have free will, you have to scroll down to look at it. Maybe let it vibrate on your monitor for a while. The holographic platform doesn't care what physical object your mind perceives it to be. Closely linked to the distribution are mandalas, which allow you to start working immediately.